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Compare costs -- all of them Healthcare. The number of choices you have available will depend on where you live. Assuming enough insurers participated in your state, you'll be able to choose between bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans. Now for the tough part. You need to compare the costs of each plan -- and not just the premium prices. When businesses buy products and services, they look at something called "total cost of ownership", which includes all costs associated with the purchase.

To truly find cheap health insurance, you need to take this same approach.

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Pull your medical costs from the past few years ballpark estimates are better than nothing if you don't have this information readily available. Next, calculate how much you would have spent out-of-pocket based on the deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance, plus what you would spend on monthly premiums with each plan. You just might find that the cheapest health insurance plan in terms of total cost actually isn't a bronze plan -- or even a silver plan.

What if you're anticipating a significant change in medical expenses? Simply adjust your calculations to reflect your best guess as to what your medical costs might be over the coming year. Even if you don't expect a big change, it can be quite useful to perform some "what if" scenarios to evaluate the impact of much higher or much lower medical expenses than you've had in the past.

Shop elsewhere Imagine that you're buying a car.

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Would you stop shopping at the first dealership? Of course not -- at least, not if you're trying to get the best price.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs health plan option | The Gazette

This same mentality applies to buying cheap health insurance. Your next smart move is to go to an online health insurance broker. The company's health insurance website features over 13, plans from more than carriers. Another alternative is to go directly to health insurers' websites. Many allow you to obtain quotes online. This might be most helpful when you know of insurers in your state that don't show up on the online health insurance broker websites. You could also contact a reputable health insurance agent in your area to get individual insurance quotes.

There's one important thing to keep in mind, though -- you can only receive a federal subsidy if you go through a government exchange Healthcare. Compare costs again As painful as it might be to do so, you'll need to compare costs yet again using the information obtained in step five. Remember the old saying, though: "No pain, no gain.

Could the cheapest health insurance for you be one for which you can't get the federal subsidy? It's possible. The "total cost of ownership" approach mentioned in step four can be surprising. Depending on your medical costs, an off-exchange plan with a very high deductible could be the least expensive alternative for you.

Pick the plan that best meets your needs In the end, you'll definitely want to revisit step two. A cheap health insurance plan that doesn't meet your needs won't be as valuable as a slightly more expensive one that does meet your needs. Also, keep in mind that the cost of anything, including health insurance, goes beyond just monetary impact. For example, continuing to go to the doctor you've had for years might be worth paying more on your monthly premiums.

Make sure you look carefully at the provider networks for each health insurance plan you're considering if choice of provider is important to you. Finding cheap health insurance isn't as difficult as finding a unicorn or the Holy Grail or both simultaneously. It can take a little time and effort, but it's an investment that should pay solid returns over time. Keith began writing for the Fool in and focuses primarily on healthcare investing topics.

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Best Company. I have been an agent for 15 years but recently my wife accepted a position as a Insurance Business Development Officer for one of the Largest Brokers in the US. I purchased this book for her to learn and get a summary on the Insurance Industry. She read the book right away and said that it is a great book and very easy to read and understand. Andrew C. I think most of the credit needs to go this manual. I read it from cover to cover and took the practice tests. I gives specific information which appears almost exactly the way it is given on the exam.

I urge you to acquire this book if you are taking the exam in nearly any state. In stock. This has been a wonderful asset in school. The school gave us the book, but did not think we needed the workbook.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs health plan option

The teacher has been photocopying the workbook as we review each chapter for us to practice with. Now I can do my own instead of waiting for the copies. I recommend this to all students taking the class, in any school. Very good and detailed information on healthcare for employers and employees on how to benefit from your health plans.

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Would highly recommend as a must read for everyone. Understanding Health Insurance Book Only. This book is helpful for anyone who needs to know how insurance claims are actually developed, that is, medical coders, billing specialists and anyone in the health insurance field. Once past this, the real learning begins.