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They can use task lists to assign tasks to specific team members. Sometimes these sheets have places for teachers, team leaders, and others to sign off when tasks are completed.

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Scrumy is an online tool I have used with students to organize their work -- it functions as an interactive planning tool. Task lists are also great tools for assessment and conversations on equitable collaboration.

Of course, rubrics and checklists are tried-and-true tools for self-management. There is nothing new here, but it's a good reminder that assessment tools are also great management tools.

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They promote reflection and goal setting, as well as ownership of the work. Checklists and rubrics are more powerful when they are co-created with students, as students tend to understand and take ownership of expectations. Keep checklists and rubrics available to students and plan intentional time for students to use them to assess themselves and their peers, to help manage projects, and to keep constant momentum in the learning process. Using time management logs, students document how long they spend on specific tasks, assignments, or collaborative work.

They can do this over the course of a week or longer. The intent is to document and then reflect upon the time they spend learning and working. The log may surprise students and inspire them to use their time more efficiently.

Managing your own Continuing Professional Development

I'm a big fan of classrooms that have a variety of places for students to work. Some students need quiet zones while others need collaborative tables. Some students work well with exercise balls as seats while others prefer standing desks.

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For each of the seven ways of learning, the authors tell what is unique about it, how learning actually takes place, and how it can be augmented in each situation. They reveal how the theory behind each way of learning originated, what researchers have learned about it, and what the individual's role is as a participant.


And at the end of each chapter, they include a list of ten things that anyone can do to get the most from that particular type of learning. No matter what our previous experiences with learning may have been, we all must become self-directed learners if we are to succeed in this new era. Managing Your Own Learning provides step-by-step, proven advice on how to succeed in the 21st century workplace by becoming a proactive, goal-directed, perpetual learner.

Jim teaches courses on characteristics of adult learners, training, teaching adults, program planning and administration, leadership, and the uses of technology in instruction.

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