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His bullet hit me in the back of the brain. My memories are very difficult. I regret nothing. Look, here are my wounds. And the staring eyes of al-Yasaari look at me as he rolls up his trousers to show scars and great searing cuts across his legs.

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There is a terrible mark on his calf, as if someone has sawed away at the flesh. He keeps looking at a camera video of the same scene. He lives in his own war museum. The back of my head was blown away.

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Jassem was asking if he could come and get me but they said the fighting was too bad. The bones at the back of my brain had to be taken out and replaced with titanium. There were no more bones behind my brain. I signed. He was not granted his wish, but instead driven to his tiny house with its palm tree in the drive, receiving financial help from the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine group, a Shia organisation, as well as a pittance from the government.

Suddenly, he stands up and begins stomping up and down the little room, a toy soldier again. They want to push us back to that. Al-Yasaari knew who his enemies were.

What A Grief-stricken Mom Remembers About Her Toddler’s Sunny Disposition: ‘He Was The Happiest’

And his friends. All armies expect to return from victory to be greeted as heroes.

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The British failure to keep that promise to the veterans of the First World War led to massive social upheaval. The families of the dead expect that their men will be forever honoured. Abbas Saadi lost his year old son Maher on 7 July , at the same battle of Bayji where Al-Yasaari was wounded for the second time four days earlier. I said I missed him. Every time he came home on leave, he said he was sorry he had not been martyred on the battlefield. What First World War soldier returned on leave to express his hope for death?

So I ask Abbas Saadi about Maher with some trepidation: was it worth it?

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He was bringing a watermelon when an Isis sniper shot him in the chest, just to the left of his heart. And Abbas Saadi bewailed his lack of funds. The holy shrine people look after us. But when we are in Baghdad and go to government offices and produce the papers showing our loss, they just tell us to put it back in our pocket. This is said in a slow, disturbing way.

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And the message is clear. If Iraq is to be unified, all who fought against its Islamist enemies must be respected — by Sunnis and Shias alike — especially since those enemies were Sunnis. But politics runs faster than memory, and Iraq is not yet a land fit for all its heroes. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? She feared she would have nothing of her loved one, no body, no remains to bury. She took handfuls of dirt and flung it in her own face, overcome.

More families arrived on Thursday at the site of the Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed people. They came with the hope that they could bring some trace of their loved ones home. Some fell to their knees in grief when they learned there was nothing left. The mourning was mixed with frustration. For some, their beliefs dictated they must have something to bury.

Some Muslim families fretted. View the pronunciation for grief-stricken.

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