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Free practical caregiving tips make life easier. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. I work with a lady with dementia. And we are having issues with her putting her hand down her pants.

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And she is sun downing she gets two to three hours of sleep a night. We have given her things to do with the hand but she will put whatever is in her hand and go down her pants. What can we do? My parents are in an Assisted Living facility. My dad is in bad health and needs rest, my mom has dementia and is constantly moving things around the room preventing him from resting. She does not want to participate in provided activities as she does not want to leave my dad.

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It is becoming a difficult situation. Any suggestions on how to keep mom busy and give her some purpose will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again I appreciate any advice. Do you have a mailing list to put me on by chance? Hi Anne-Marie — Thank you! We have a daily email newsletter that keeps you up-to-date with our latest articles.

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Help with household chores Fold laundry — get some inexpensive or old hand towels and ask for help folding them Smooth crumpled tissue paper — get some colorful tissue paper and crumple each piece. Show them the crumpled pieces and ask for help smoothing them out. Bottom line No matter what the activity or toy, just remember that the goal is to engage your older adult in something fun and keep their hands happily occupied.

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    Here are ten of our favorite easy and fun activities that will keep your little one occupied for hours. Googly eye paintings. This would be a super fun outside activity in the summer.

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    • You can switch to finger painting or even fabric paint and have them decorate a new t-shirt or tank top. If bubbles are getting a little too boring, try this fun spin on iconic summertime activity. Bonus, the bubble art produced from this activity is totally frame-worthy. Empty plastic bottles, a few clear containers, water and food coloring will equal a fun and educational way to explore colors. Create your own rainy day in a jar.

      Busy Hands & Feet

      This fun STEM experiment will demonstrate to those little minds how water droplets condense and fall from the clouds. Save those summer sandal shoe boxes for this nature shadow box. A little exploring in a park or even a backyard will supply a bounty of treasures that they can preserve on their own.

      Alzheimer’s can cause busy hands

      Sidewalk painting with water?